United Kingdom Phone Number

From: Yalla
[Yalla] You are retrieving your password. 641768 is your verification code, DO NOT tell anyone or your account might be stolen.
From: Tinder
Your Tinder code is 962595 dwEzWOx6XSV
From: SMSMsg
Your OTP is 8246
364338 is your verification code for your Sony Entertainment Network account.
Use 395 710 to verify your Instagram account. #ig
From: PayPal
Enter your code on the PayPal website. CODE: 493233. Msg and data rates may apply.
OTP: ShareChat kudumbathirku ungalai anbudan varaverkirom. kmQwzAyyYUK
6579 is your validation code for Mr Green. You can validate later by visiting Mr Green and logging in using your e-mail and password.
From: Num2
Your activation code is: 7826 Enter the code if it did not update automatically. 66G+7YeHkbA
From: SalamPlanet
Your 6-digit activation code to complete your registration with SalamPlanet is 481941. Please verify your code
From: SweetRing
Use 394206 as the verification code for SweetRing
From: Hago
[Hago]Gunakan 1987 untuk verifikasi akun Hago anda. lcNjTSCBGPD
From: WhatsApp
Codigo de WhatsApp Business: 498-516 O sigue este enlace para verificar tu numero: b.whatsapp.com/498516 No compartas este codigo con nadie rJbA/XP1K+V
[ClipClaps] Your ClipClaps verification code is 1978. Enter the code to complete your verification. Please do not share.
From: ushareit
Ello 8408 is your verification code. Please login in five minutes. quAonpEYUNw