Nigeria Phone Number

From: Ladbrokes
Your DENT code is: 932033
From: Coinchase
[#] Your Uber code is 3868 qlRnn4A1sbt
From: SMS
Open, code: 199652-6500
From: SMS
WhatsApp code 401-572
From: +17868477503
Your DENT code is: 252434
From: +33757009212
307340 es tu codigo de confirmacion de Facebook
From: +18638858196
Your Uber code is 5934
From: +50107
Your mCent confirmation code is: 8110
From: +18302762428
Your DENT code is: 817302
From: +13308405090
Open, code: 199652-6500
From: QIWIWallet
4409 Verification Code from KakaoTalk. [KakaoTalk]
From: Snapchat
3221 is your Uber code.
From: +48664079974
Your otp is 2181
From: +14243696922
Dear Rider, welcome to Uber! Your Uber app is designed to make your booking experience smooth. Learn how to request an AC car in minutes here:
From: +12403783567
Confirmado! Para editar as preferencias de SMS, acesse Para desativar as mensagens SMS sobre sua conta do Facebook neste numero