India Phone Number

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9259 is your verification code to login to your Snapdeal Account. It is valid for 8 minutes. DO NOT share this code with anyone. - Team Snapdeal
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#> Welcome to Sikka, your OTP verification code is: 918001 aDUB5Gzv0SH
Your OTP for MoneyTap is 8908
Welcome, your one time verification code is:374870 Regards, GGM
Hala! Your PIN to verify your mobile number on noon is 3818
#> 377101 is your One Time Password (OTP) for Phone no. verification on NoBroker - World's largest brokerage free platform. A7jPtLVJWz3
Dear The verification code is: 8164, only valid for 5 mins, please do not reveal this verification code. CETPLI
#> Welcome to Sikka, your OTP verification code is: 351366 aDUB5Gzv0SH
Dear Customer, Your OTP is 5631 Please do not share this OTP. Regards