Philippines Phone Number

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​​Your Comera code: 019730 TzHCy7qZ7v4
【】Username:Mak88 Login code:mk1689 【Balance:117,6928.99USDT】
191805 is your Grab Activation Code (GAC) for Xendit. It expires in 2 minutes. Do not share it with anyone. If you didn't request this, please report here
Your SIGNAL verification code is: 945468
Ang iyong beripikasyon ay: 5970
A loan of up to 10.000 php was approved for you at 0.01%. Take the money here >>> https://*************** The promotion is valid only today!
[AP] verification: 517221
Gunakan 6278 untuk verifikasi akun Olaparty anda.
Security Alert: DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE. You are registering/resetting your account. The sms verification code to register/reset at JILIBET: 295129
Kuya mali ba number ni Cs timestamp nalang daw poh pati call log & text poh tapus PP niyo poh ng customer not around kaso tatlong beses niyo babalikan yan
Good Day Mam'Sir This is J&T we would like to ask your exact Address ITEM: Pet Apparel COD:7,875 AWB NO: 900132822983
[PATTS Admissions] [2022-07-27 16:41:41] Hi Swamyll Nhasryn Andres Swaminathan, Your profile setup has been finalized.
[PATTS Admissions] [2022-07-27 16:40:33] Your verification code is 1B3F5C.