Malaysia Phone Number

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From: 63*****
RM0 Blockscout faucet verification code: 642257
From: 63*****
RM0 EVA_ENERGY New PIN: 570422
RM0 Telegram code 58443
From: 63*****
RM0 Your Shopback verification code is 260645. Valid for 2 minutes.
From: 62*****
RM0 (Muhibah) Kod pengesahan 1857 jangan bocor
Appuyez pour récupérer l'accès à votre compte Instagram.
From: 得到
RM0 【得到】您的验证码为1625,请勿向他人泄露。
From: RED
RM0 [Lemo]Verify Code:1397, will be expired in 5 minutes.
From: 63*****
RM0.00 : SHOPEE: TO CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT, use 235035. Valid for 15 mins. NEVER share this code with others, including Shopee staff. 7MIPdOI4E