United Kingdom Phone Number

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#> OTP: 908451>. Welcome to ClipShareChat. India's favourite app. Zhiv9WaYlbL
Your verification code to pair your device is 0860. If you were asked to share or did not request this code, contact Customer Support immediately.
#> 3515 is your Koo OTP. 7746897692 that belongs to suraj is requesting to create an account on Koo with the mobile number 7411299687.
You can authorize by sharing this code with them. Once you share this code, they will have access to the handle associated with this number.
Collection #79517465 (Unpaid) confirmed by Antalya Mezze BBQ (01162163001). ETA 15:00. 5 order(s) placed. 4 more until you get 35% off!
86957 is your ZoomInfo PIN code.
521883 Is your ZoomInfo pin code. Do not share it with anyone.
Continue verification for Stripe by going to https://verify.stripe.com/start/live_YWNjdF8xRmxNdjJHWW1mQkhaYldLLF9NRGY4WnpzeWtaOWdnSlZiSGxMT2h0MmVaMDM5U0hw0100XmJrL43m. If you did not request this link, contact us via support.stripe.com.
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Tap to reset your ig password: https://ig.me/2nhphTz7kjIsEdG
[baihe] the verification code is 2891. Please use it within 30 minutes
Enter code 1301 to login to Antalya Mezze BBQ.
#> OTP: 635490> Welcome to ShareChat, India's favourite app kmQwzAyyYUK
RED Verif⁢ication Co⁣d⁣e 18⁢55⁣94 please verify within 3 mins
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