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Legends are made about the indescribable color and strength of spirit of the people living in Ukraine. Cossacks in embroidered shirts and the most beautiful women on the planet live here.

Divided almost in half by the riotous Dnieper River, it gave the world outstanding athletes in the person of the boxers, the Klitschko brothers, football player Andrei Shevchenko, gymnasts Anna Bessonova, Irina Blokhina, Irina Deryugina.

They make the whole world admire their talent and follow their career and personal life. For many years, the Internet space of Ukraine has been developing under the influence of neighboring post-Soviet countries, but today it has become self-sufficient and free.

Many Internet users from different countries want to observe these changes, and indeed to keep abreast of internal news. Keep up with you too - go through the registration on interesting sites right now with a free SMS password.

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