TestMarket code: 6313.
iPlum Login ID +14342774863. Set new password: https://my.iplum.com/lnk/6co0
If someone requests this code, it is a scam. Use code 019396 only in Google Voice app to sign up. g.co/voice/help
Your Empower Personal Dashboard™ security code is 8158.
Your OTP for WinZO is 236813. It is valid for 30 minutes. Please validate your account and continue your WinZO journey. Y9//DdYf5HN
Your Apple ID Code is: 841912. Don't share it with anyone.
745996 is the OTP to save your card on Razorpay. Valid for the next 5 mins. Do not share this with anyone.
Código Uber: 1062. Nunca lo compartas. Envie STOP ALL para cancelar a assinatura.
Código Uber: 6718. Nunca lo compartas. Envie STOP ALL para cancelar a assinatura.
Código Uber: 1977. Nunca lo compartas. Envie STOP ALL para cancelar a assinatura.

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