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United States Phone Number: +14142402422 89885 phone number

Prank calls have been a beloved pastime for generations, and with the rise of technology, it's easier and more entertaining than ever to pull off a successful prank call. Whether you're looking to prank your friends, family, or even strangers, having a funny script is essential to ensure maximum hilarity. In this article, we've compiled 10 hilarious scripts that will have you laughing out loud and your victims scratching their heads in confusion. So grab your phone and get ready to dial up the fun with these side-splitting prank call scripts! Script 1: The Wrong Number Excuse Script Imagine calling someone, pretending to be someone else, and then realizing you've dialed the wrong number. Apologize profusely and blame your 'fat fingers' for the mistake. Watch as the confusion unfolds! Script 2: The Restaurant Reservation Prank Call Script Call up a local restaurant and make a reservation for 20 people under the name 'I.P. Freely.' Sit back and enjoy the reaction from the confused hostess on the other end of the line. Script 3: The Pizza Delivery Prank Call Script Pretend to be a hungry customer and call a pizza place to order a pizza with toppings that don't exist. When they try to clarify, insist that the imaginary toppings are your favorite. Script 4: The Celebrity Sighting Script Call a friend and convince them that you've just spotted a famous celebrity in your town. Describe the outrageous outfit and behavior of the 'celebrity' and watch as they scramble to figure out who it could be. Script 5: The Tech Support Prank Call Script Pretend to be a clueless computer user and call a tech support hotline with absurd computer problems. See how long it takes for the tech support agent to catch on to your hilarious antics. Script 6: The Job Interview Prank Call Script Call a friend and conduct a fake job interview over the phone. Ask them bizarre and outrageous questions, and make them believe they've landed the dream job of 'Professional Unicorn Wrangler.' Script 7: The Lost Pet Prank Call Script Pretend to be a distraught pet owner calling a local animal shelter to report your missing pet unicorn. Describe the unicorn in elaborate detail and act devastated that they can't seem to find it. Script 8: The Contest Winner Prank Call Script Call a friend or family member and pretend to be a radio station host informing them that they've won an absurd contest, like 'Free Unicorn Rides for Life.' Listen to their disbelief and amusement as they try to make sense of the ridiculous prize. Script 9: The Wrong Delivery Prank Call Script Call a friend or neighbor and pretend to be a delivery person with a package meant for them. Describe an outrageous item in the package, like a pet rock dressed in a tuxedo, and insist that they must sign for it immediately. Script 10: The Survey Prank Call Script Call a friend and tell them you're conducting a survey on 'Unicorn Preferences in the United States.' Ask absurd questions like, 'Do you prefer your unicorn to wear a top hat or a tiara?' and enjoy their bewildered responses. With these 10 hilarious scripts for prank calls, you're sure to have a blast pulling off epic pranks that will have everyone laughing. So grab your phone, channel your inner prankster, and let the laughter begin with Megapersonal, United States!

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