Apple IDコードは996962です。共有しないでください。
Code 281935
Mosaik: reminder - a showing request requires your approval. Listing: 7860 Gate Pkwy.
Mosaik: reminder - a showing request requires your approval. Listing: 1211 6th Ave.
Mosaik: reminder - a showing request requires your approval. Listing: 232 Forsyth St SW.
[ Leasing] Confirming your tour for 10713 Strike St on 05/06/2024 from 6:00 PM till 7:00 PM. Respond to this text with ‘I’m here’ once you arrive at the home to receive your access code. BE AWARE OF SCAMS -We don't advertise on any social media -Only trust our website and emails ending with -We’ll never ask you for payments before an application submission
[ Leasing] Hi Chauncey,, this is an automated message from Mynd Management. It is time for your tour for 10713 Strike St, Aubrey, TX, 76227. The rent for this unit is $2355.00 and the security deposit is $2355.00. The ad for this listing is shown on our website -
[ Leasing] This unit has outside gate (restricted access) and a smartlock by the front door. Access information for outside gate: 08669
[ Leasing] Once you go through the outside gate (restricted access), locate the smartlock on the front door that will open the unit. Don't forget to reply to this text with 'I'm here' once you arrive at the home, we will reply back to you with the code to open the lock. Please call us for any other inquiries.
[ Leasing] Press and hold the lock icon until the deadbolt engages to lock the door, after you are done with the tour. If you run into any issues with the smartlock and cannot enter the unit, please call us at 833-367-69-63 (press #1) for immediate assistance.

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