Hong Kong Phone Number

From: DiDi
From: *39416
Your code for SoulAPP is 7477. Welcome to the world of Soul!
From: *00698
Use 286 403 to verify your Instagram account.
From: 与你
[维普课]您的验证码为:8056 ,为了您的账号安全,请勿把验证码告诉他人。
From: 豆瓣
您的 JKF 驗證碼為 054136 @jkforum.net #054136
From: *39098
Use 7619 to verify your Hago account. lcNjTSCBGPD
From: 豆瓣
您的 JKF 驗證碼為 635874 @jkforum.net #635874
From: *4C520
Your pin is 8851. Use this pin for App BatChat.
From: *49728
《靈境殺戮》登入伺服器驗證碼 : 117589
From: *93193
儲值卡號碼51367869,餘額 HKD 0.59,有效期至 09/08/2020 23:59。謝謝。
From: *93193
如需轉換儲值卡系統語言,請撥 *#120#。 如需转换储值卡系统语言,请拨 *#120#。 To change the langua
From: *93193
ge of notifications of your Prepaid SIM Card, please dial *#120#.
From: *93193
Untuk mengubah bahasa pemberitahuan Kartu SIM Prabayar Anda, silak
From: *93193
tanggap mula sa iyong Prepaid Sim Card, paki dial po *#120#.