Verification numbers for StarMaker

Receive SMS online for StarMaker. Use one of the temporary phone numbers below and use them to verify your StarMaker sms phone.

[StarMaker] Use 267846 as your login code.
[StarMaker] Use 820531 as your login code.
[StarMaker] Use 788928 as your login code.
[StarMaker] Use 241642 as your login code.
[StarMaker] Use 656423 as your login code.
[StarMaker] Use 155062 as your login code.
[StarMaker] Use 351284 as your login code.
[StarMaker] Use 698063 as your login code.
[StarMaker] Use 964369 as your login code.
[StarMaker] Use 146125 as your login code.

Temporary numbers for StarMaker

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